About Me

Hello! I am Ben, and welcome to my blog where you can read my ramblings across multiple topics and genres from across different films, videogames and tv shows. I have a huge interest within the world of film, videogames and television and stay engaged with them as much as I can, which is a big reason why I started this blog. They have always played a part in my identity and constitute to a lot of my interests and what better way is there to write than to write about things you are passionate about and love?

I am a final year university student studying film and media studies in the UK, and have been studying film since I was 17. My favourite films are A Woman Under the Influence, Inside Llewyn Davies, Legally Blonde, and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? To name a few! (Now is the time to stop before it is a list that would only grow). With my favourite TV shows being Gilmore Girls, Mr. Robot, Hannibal, Dariaand Over the Garden Wall, and videogames being The Legend of Zelda, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, and Pokémon.

I am a vegetarian, crossing the lines onto veganism, and care deeply about animal rights, wellbeing and the environment. I try to go to the cinema as much as I can in my free time, especially now that I am living in a city and have more access to a variety of cinema. My tastes are quite varied from what you can already see, but I mainly love drama films and anything that can help you feel good and safe in the world. I admire concept art and try to collect as many concept art and design books as I can. I love going on walks as well and the countryside is where I feel most at home, and after all, that is where I am from.

I hope that you enjoy my writing and thoughts.

A big thank you, Ben.